These are a few of my favorite things…

KunstkammerFahrradhelm02… that I’ve been longing for the past year, and am now so lucky to be in possesion of (due to me getting yet another year older last weekend!)

Last year I got my first new (used) city bike in crazy hot-pink/black and have been wanting to give it a dull black touch-up. At the same time, I had been spotting people riding their bikes in the city wearing these really shiny gold helmets. My dream came true this year when I got a dull black spray for my bike and the said shiny gold helmet. The helmet’s from the Kunsthistorische Museum of Vienna and sponsors the Kunstkammer (21,- out of 49,- Euro goes to the Kunstkammer). Can’t wait to get on with the bicycle make-over!KunstkammerFahrradhelm01BikeMattschwarz

Another lucky-me-thing are these Marshall Minor headphones! I hate earbuds that swell up in your ear and hurt after a while and found these to be a good alternative. Not to mention… I looove the dull black and shiny gold!


More lucky-meees:

1. These gorgeous glass earrings from the artisan stands on the Charles Bridge in Prague.


2. a gift certificate to Inked, a nice boutique in Vienna that sells Isabel Marant, Helmut Lang, Venessa Arizaga and of course Acne (my favorite boots are the Acne Pistol boots in black).

inked01acne013. The CD Premiere by Prag with Nora Tschirner. Really nice: the song Bis einer geht


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  1. Katia said:

    What was wrong with the hot pink??! 🙂

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