Spring is yellow

I recently recieved a few huge branches of a forsythia and put them in a simple vase in front of our black wall in the living room. It looked absolutely stunning. Unfortunately the photos I took from my android phone’s camera didn’t. So I searched the web and found this beautiful alternative on Martha Stewart’s webpage. It seems as if the whole bush made it’s way into the living room.

This bright forsynthia yellow is such a nice accent in compostitions. I like how it is striking in the amazing paper artwork by Fideli Sundquist where the lemon really draws all the attention, or played subtle in Bless‘ lookbook.

I actually don’t own any yellow item in my wardrobe but maybe that will change. I love how the yellow color is combined with bland greys, beiges and blacks and really brings vitality and bloom to an outfit!

I’m afraid that I didn’t note all the sources of images following. Photos nr. 2 and 3 are by The Sartorialist, but as for the other two I’m not quite sure. I’d be happy for any filling in on the missing info.

2013.04.20Fashion 2013.04.20Sartorialist02 2013.04.20Sartorialist2013.04.20Fashion01

And this lady dressed from head to toe in yellow can be found in Germain, a trendy restaurant in Paris. I found this photo and more info on Creative Boys Club.


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